The Broteans are a humanoid race and the main antagonists in the Starlight Comic Series.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Broteans are similar to humans, but they possess pointed ears.

History[edit | edit source]

The Broteans had long since been envious of the neighboring world of Tantalus, However the Kingfisher, ruler of Brotea, declined to conquer the planet due Typhon, an equally powerful dictator who ruled Tantalus with an iron fist.

After Captain Duke McQueen defeated and deposed Typhon, the Kingfisher saw an opportunity to acquire Tantalus for his people.

In a plan that took decades in the making, the Broteans conquered the world of Tantalus in a single day. The Tantalans had experience 287 years (40 Earth years) of civilized peace were no match for the aggressive invaders.

Under Brotean occupation, the Broteans wiped out majority of the many fantastical races that inhabited the planet. Those that surrendered were enslaved and forced to work in mines that exploited Tantalus's riches.

After Duke McQueen had returned to Tantalus to free its people once again, the Broteans captured him wishing to execute him before all the Tantalans to crush their spirit. McQueen was rescued by the Resistance led by Tilda Starr, a former Head of the Royal Bodyguard of Queen Attala and brought to the Resistance HQ. However before any plan of retaliation against the Broteans could be made, the location of the base was exposed by a Brotean spy. The entire Tantalan Resistance was rounded up whilst McQueen was declared dead after he fell in the sea where the ravenous Charybdis dwelled.

The Kingfisher planned to publicly broadcast the execution of the Resistance leaders, but his transmission was hijacked by McQueen who had survived his encounter with the Charybdis. McQueen using an inspirational speech urged the Tantalans to take arms to fight their oppressors. As McQueen arrived at the Castle Without Doors, the Brotean laughed at his efforts stating that he would die and that none of the cowed Tantalans would dare raise a fist against them. Much to their shock and horror, an army of the oppressed slaves revolted and marched against the Brotean ground forces overwhelming them. McQueen freed his comrades and dispatched majority of the Brotean Royal Family, before squaring off and defeating the Kingfisher.

The entire Brotean fleet above the skies of Tantalus was destroyed ironically by the Brotean's own defense system that was commandeered by Tilda, ending the Broteans reign of terror.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Broteans are a warrior culture. Sadistic in nature, enjoying pain they inflict on the weak, taking in pleasure in decadence and opulence of wealth and power. The highest ruling power was the Brotean Royal Family who acted accordingly without impudence. To maintain their authority over Tantalus they broadcast gruesome public mass executions to keep the populace in check to deter rebellion.

Source[edit | edit source]

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