The Broozo is a large herbivorous creature that can be encountered within the SPORE Universe. It is a larger distant relative to the Bruiser.

Description Edit

The Broozo is a slightly medium-built creature, with large, muscular arms ending in apposable-toed feet, whereas the back feet appear more saurian. A third set of limbs extend out from the chest into graspable hands. They have notable tusks coming out of their mouths, and a couple sets of spikes coming out of their backs. They may seem intimidating, but they are gentle herbivores by nature, and don't directly involve in conflict unless provoked. They're often solitary, but are found in small groups during times when food is plentiful.

Broozos also had evolved a poison gland from within their mouths, which they are able to actually shoot at enemies in an act of defense if brute strength doesn't drive the enemy away.

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