Broodwarriors are an aggressive race of insectoids from the planet Ichix that are rapidly conquering the known galaxy.

General Information
Homeworld Ichix
Habitat Unknown
Height Average 7 ft
Wingspan N/A
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sapient
Subspecies/Races None
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Kid Universe

Biology Edit

Broodwarriors are composed of a bony chitinous carapace and stand seven feet tall. From the movie it seems they are capable of surviving the vacuum of space through their own physical means. They possess no actual eyes, but use an advance version of echolocation organs on their crest heads to see their prey and attack. Numerous protrusions attached to their body are in fact bio-organic weapons such as explosives and melee weapons. They seems to be many variants of Broodwarriors, though only one has been shown in the film.

  • Usurper Drones: The Elite Marauder Spy of Shock Troop Battalion.

History Edit

In the Stand Year of 1025, the Broodwarriors had embarked on a campaign of galactic conquest. They managed to subjugate eleven worlds, with their warpath taking them to the planet Trelkas.

The Broodwarriors tricked the Trelkans in lowering their planetary defenses by offering peaceful relations under the guise of the Panethic Alliance. The war turned in the favor of the invaders. Though the marauding race were confident that they would be victorious over the Trelkans they heard rumors of a superweapon being design by the Trelkans. Its power threatened their path to victory and so they sent a contingent of their Usurper Drones to attack the facility housing the weapon.

Later they sent one of their warriors to retrieve it on Earth after a Trelkan scientist activated the escape protocols. The warrior was defeated by a combined effort by the Cybot and two human teenagers.

Culture Edit

The Broodwarriors are feared as one of the most warlike and hostile species in the galaxy.

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