The Bronze Tribe are an insectoid race from the Heroic Age universe and who serve the most powerful race in the known cosmos, as their army.

Bronze Tribe - Insectoids (Heroic Age)


The Bronze Tribe is one of three races whom answered the call of the Golden Tribe (energy beings), and therefore were given specific knowledge. The four races dominated the known cosmos afterwards till the Golden Tribe left this universe for another one. At which point the humanoid Silver Tribe took the place of the Golden Tribe as the dominant power with the Bronze Tribe serving as their army.


Prior to the Golden Tribe leaving the universe, another race answered their summons which were the humans, the Iron Tribe. Perceiving them as a threat to their power, the Silver Tribe ordered the Bronze Tribe to destroy them. First they attacked the Earth and then afterwards waged war against the human remnants across the galaxy.

After the humans turned the tide of the war, they launched a final assault on the Bronze Tribe homeworld. On the verge of exterminating the insectoids the humans changed their mind and decided to show them mercy. After the end of hostilities with the Silver Tribe, some of the Bronze Tribe decided to follow the Silver Tribe as they left the universe for the alternate universe which the Golden Tribe had left for earlier. The remainder of the Bronze Tribe stayed to serve the humans.

Bronze Tribe - Asteroid Ships (Heroic Age)

Asteroid Ships


The Bronze Tribe consists of several castes, with the most nuermous type being centipede-like with 2 or more arms and a single eye. Their carapace is able to survive the vacuum of outer space and the intense heat from atmospheric reentry. Warrior-type insectoids are mecha sized . The Bronze Tribe appears to have a hive mind.

In combat they use their claws and fangs to rend flesh and armor, plus they can spit acid. The insectoids can create force fields in front of them which also project energy beams. There are some whom can teleport by creating wormhole portals.


The Bronze Tribe are a spacefaring race which uses warp-capable asteroid ships (hollowed out spherical asteroids). While appearing unarmed, they contain within hordes of insectoids which are launched / released into space combat.

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