The Brontoth is a large saurian-like creature within the SPORE Universe. It wasn't found within the game upon release, thought to be an extinct species, but was re-discovered upon the Galactic Adventures Expansion pack.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Brontoths are very large animals, having a look similar to Tyrannosaurs, with many spikes and hard scales all over their bodies. Unlike actual tyrannosaurs, they have external mammalian ears, whereas actual tyrannosaurs have internal ears.

Brontoths also show signs of sexual dimorphism. The males of the species are darker in coloration whereas females are lighter colored, and possess less spikes than the males. Juveniles Brontoths also differentiate from the adults, as they aren't able to stand upright.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being added with the GA expansion, it is not featured in any of the adventures. The likely reason for its addition was its involvement in one of the trailers, fighting a giant Al Packa. It was included due to popularity.
  • Ironically, the juvenile Brontoth are more accurate to true Tyrannosaurs than the adults are.
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