General Information
Homeworld Europa
Habitat Ice plains
Body Type Bipedal bipod
Skin Colors Green
Locomotion Skating
Diet Autotroph
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Designed by Roy A. Galant

Brinker-roos are a non-sapient species native to Europa presented as an imaginary example of extraterrestrial life in the book Picture Atlas of Our Universe, by National Geographic.

Biology Edit

Brinker-roos exhibit bilateral symmetry and use the only pair of limbs they have to skate across the ice plains of the homeworld, Europa. Their round head is supported by a long neck, roughly as long as the tail. They have a pair of large blue eyes with vertical pupils. Six appendages grow out from the back of their head.

As they are autotrophs and live exposed to the vacuum, brinker-roos have neither mouth nor nostrils. The skin shows green pigmentation as brinker-roos are photosynthetic, except for the turquoise spots under the belly. Most noticeably, a coil-like crest begins at the head and ends midway in the tail, which brinker-roos use to extract energy from Jupiter's strong magnetic field.

External links Edit

  • Galant, Roy A. "Picture Atlas of Our Universe." National Geographic. p 45.
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