The Brann are a race from Tabula Rasa.

Biology Edit

Brann are largely human-like in appearance, except for their elongated conic craniums and goatee-like facial protrusions. These have earned them the slang moniker forkheads, sometimes used as a racial slur.

History Edit

The humanoid race called the Brann hail from the planet Erdas, a lush, idyllic homeworld. Long ago, the Brann of Erdas were visited by the Eloh, who introduced the species to the power of Logos, a power for which the Brann showed great aptitude. In their attempts to emulate the Eloh, the Brann strove to create a utopian society, one where their collective scientific and spiritual efforts would yield great benefit. However, the weak-willed among them began to research Logos as an implement of aggression and crime.

In order to maintain the purity of their society, the Brann apprehended and relocated criminal offenders to off-world reeducation colonies on the neighboring planet of Arieki. These penal colonies were designed to force inmates to create self-sustaining societies on a planet where survival hinged on working for the common good.

When the Bane discovered the Brann on Erdas, they viewed their knowledge of Logos as a great threat. Bane forces quickly eradicated the inhabitants of Erdas, who had so diligently relocated their criminals and subversives off world.

Culture Edit

The Brann we know today represent the "undesirable" elements of Brann society. And now the survival of their species as a whole rests with their ability to cooperate on Arieki. After the destruction of Erdas, the Staal Facility was overrun in an inmate revolt and settled into a collection of syndicates. Staal became a bastion of lawlessness on Arieki. Meanwhile, without Erdan oversight, the Irendas colony dissolved its original mandate in an attempt to salvage hope for Brann society.

The Brann at Irendas have a social structure similar to humans wherein power affords higher stature. Among them, “teachers” are regarded more highly than others. These members have attained a higher level of Logos ability. In the Staal Facility, power revolves around four syndicates, each responsible for overseeing an element of daily life. Like organized crime families, they are composed of bosses, enforcers, and loyalists.

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