Brandon Breyer
Brandon Breyer
Biography Information
Alias Brightburn
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unnamed Extraterrestrial
Gender Male
Age 12
Birth 2006 (presumed)
Hair Color brown
Eye Color blue (can turn red)
Diet Omnivore
Family Tori and Kyle Breyer (adopted)(deceased)
Language English

Unknown Alien Language

Abilities Superhuman Strength


Laser Eyes

Personality Murderous
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Brightburn
Created by David Yarovesky
Performed by Jackson A. Dunn

Brandon Breyer also referred to as Brightburn, is the name was given to a human-like alien being adopted by the Breyer family on Earth.

Appearance Edit

Brandon Breyer has the physical anatomy mirroring that of a human being. His outfit, later on, consists of a reddish hood/cape, sewn together over the mouth with eye holes.

Personality Edit

Brandon Breyer, even for his age, has shown a high level of murderous intent to his actions, often times hurting and killing others purely out of anger, and in some cases with little provocation. Many of these traits were emphasized not long after the discovery of his powers.

History Edit

Very little is known about his home planet, or who his true parents were. He was found after crash landing on a nearby farm back within a spacecraft in 2006 by the Breyer family, who decide to take him in and gave him his name.

Over the course of the following twelve years, little has shown of Brandon's abilities and he lived his life as a normal human until he discovers his superhuman strength by easily breaking a lawnmower blade on full power. He was also found that following night sleepwalking towards his spaceship until his mother wakes him up. Since this, he began to turn more and more disrespectful and disobedient towards his foster parents. His first act of murderous intent is soon shown one night after he kills all of the farm's chickens.

During school, his next action resulted in a student's hand getting crushed, leaving him suspended for two days. Over this time, his murderous behavior reaches a breaking point and begins a killing spree around the neighborhood, most of the killings involving those that upset him, including both of his parents.

After this, news reports say that he is continuing his killing spree, destroying buildings and killing numerous people all over the world.

Abilities Edit

  • Superhuman Strength - The first ability discovered, Brandon has shown strength far exceeding normal human beings. He's strong enough to withstand a bullet shot at him at point-blank range.
  • Flight - Shown a few times throughout his appearance, he's able to levitate himself off the ground with relative ease.
  • Laser Vision - He has shown able to shoot out lasers from his eyes, strong enough to kill a human instantly.

Notes Edit

  • It is likely that his original race deliberately intended for him to make him evil, and have him destroy the human race:
    • Much of his murderous behavior didn't start until after he was found sleepwalking towards the spacecraft he arrived at Earth in.
    • One scene shows him levitating above said spacecraft, reciting the phrase in his alien language: "Take the world".
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