The Brainsuck aliens' spaceship, which also serves as the Brainsuck Industries headquarters.

The merger begins!

Dilbert brings the alien CEO to meet the marketing department, saving Earth as a result.

Brainsuck Industries was the second extraterrestrial corporation to plan a merger with the Path-E-Tech Company (the first one was the Galactic Protein Company).

The Aliens[edit | edit source]

This company's managers and employees belong to an unknown liquivorous alien species with a slug-like lower body, two pairs of arms - each ending in hands with short, stubby fingers - and a large head sporting a pair of eyes and two radically different mouths. The lower mouth is similar to a humanoid mouth and is used for talking; while the upper one is a long sucking proboscis located on the aliens' forehead and is used for sucking the brain out of other creatures through the victims' ears. Members of this species have names which are very difficult to pronounce by Human standards, although the Pointy-Haired Boss did manage to pronounce the alien CEO's name correctly. The aliens have orange or red skin and use normal Human clothes (except for pants, due to their legless nature) and toupees.

The Company[edit | edit source]

The Brainsuck Industries' headquarters are located in the aliens' spaceship. They seem to be more of a colonizing project than a company in the traditional sense, and may be only disguised as such in order to fool the inhabitants of the planets they plan to colonize. Their main colonizing strategy seems to consist of arriving on a planet, convincing native companies to merge with them by claiming that they bring synergy, and proceed to suck out the natives' brains. Whether they envision the extermination, slavery or simply the defeat of the native inhabitants is still unclear.

The Merger[edit | edit source]

After the alien's arrival on planet Earth, their CEO met with the Pointy-Haired Boss of the Path-E-Tech Company and they soon agreed on a merger. Since this would result in the dismissal of some of his coworkers, like Wally, Dilbert planned to stop the merger and brought the alien CEO to visit the marketing department, where the alien sucked the brain of a marketing employee, becoming terribly ill as a result. Apparently, bad brains are deadly for the Brainsuck aliens. Dilbert secretly brought the CEO back to the aliens' ship, where the other aliens found him and decided that Earth was not a good place to colonize, departing almost instantly. It was later revealed that, before leaving, Brainsuck Industries was bought by Dogbert and is now owned by the Dogbert Company. The aliens are last seen arriving on another planet, named Orgaplon VI, and announcing that they bring synergy, much to the horror of the native inhabitants.

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