The Bovorians were an oddly humanoid race native to the planet Bovo Yagen. They were a tribal species of stone-age technology when Imperial Captain Bovo Yagen fled to the planet, but soon came to travel the spacelanes. The Bovorian natives were so glad to have him further their development that they named all the planets in their system after members of his family. Bovorians descended from flying mammals, and retained vestigial webs of skin between their arms as reminders of their avian ancestors. The average Bovorian was covered with white hair, and their forms were slightly thinner and longer than a normal human form. Their faces were narrow and angular, with jutting chins and long sideburns. Their ears resemble leathery wings, and can be extended for better hearing. Bovorians can see into the infrared spectrum as well as the visible spectrum, and they use these abilities to actually "read" the emotions of other beings. This allowed them to deal with other species in a very patient and friendly way. Among themselves, Bovorians speak in a language of high-pitched trills and whistles which had been compared to the computer-based speech of the R2-series astromech droid.

Appearances Edit

  • Cracken's Threat Dossier
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