The Boskara are a ferocious insectoid race who were once apart of xenophobic alliance of insectoids known as the Shaktur Axis.

The Boskara are bulky insectoids complemented with a tough exoskeleton and four arms to give them their


extra strength in battle. Their large eyes helps them see better than most insectoids of the galaxy. The Boskaran species are linked by large group mind, or hivemind. Their hardy nature is what helps them survive on inhospitable planets such as desert and volcanic planets.

The Boskara are considered one of the most violent and aggressive race in the known galaxy second only to the Dhayut. They're excellent in combat by using trickery and deceit to gain the upper-hand. They are also untrustworthy allies readying to escape a doomed alliance it meant saving themselves. They literally lust for conquest and expansion and tend to circle like vultures when other empires are in conflict, just waiting to pick off the weaker empire. The Boskara are untrustworthy allies as they'll abandon a sinking alliance if it meant saving their own exoskeletons. Most other races have a deep sense of doubt in dealing with their kind, and thus steer well clear of them and giving them a wide birth knowing their reputation. However, they do have a natural ally in the Sluken, their slightly more "reasonable" close relatives.

Their technology Is pretty much salvaged shakturi tech from their time in the alliance. The tech includes the deadly Shaktur FireStorm, an immensely destructive torpedo weapon. This weapon gives Boskaran star ships very powerful planetary assault capabilities, allowing them to quickly take down defending spaceports at enemy colonies. The Boskara were once apart of the Axis, acting as spies and sabotuers for their Shakturi masters. During the first Shakturi war, they were particulary not very fond of the Securans. They scoff at the very idea of the Securan Utopia and attacked them zealously. They eventually let up on their rivals and went all out on everybody, the Humans, Ackdarians, Ikkuro and many more. That was until the formation of the Freedom Alliance and the creation of the Shakturi virus. Seeing the destruction of the Axis(and perhaps the break down of galactic civilization) their nature took over and decided to withdraw from the alliance triggering the breakup of the Axis.

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