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Booster Sinclair Munchapper
Biography Information
Homeworld Jo-ad
Species Jo-adian
Gender Male
Occupation Janitor (formerly)
Space Ranger
Affiliation Star Command
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Booster Sinclair Munchapper is a space ranger and former janitor of Star Command. Booster was born on the agricultural world of Jo-ad. The name of his species was never revealed. In spite of his physical strength, Booster is gentle and very responsible, but has a soft spot for food. Also, he can be naive sometimes. His huge appetite and his excitement over spaceships seem to be the only things that can take him away from work.

Working as a janitor in Star Command, Booster wished to be a space ranger one day, like his close friend and idol Buzz Lightyear. He carefully studied the manual of rules and memorized every paragraph in order to pass the exam.

One day, the reckless robot XR, who had been given to Booster as an assistant by the Little Green Men, convinced the janitor to leave work to check out the spaceships. Excited, Booster enters the ship and pretends he is a space ranger. But Booster and XR soon have to hide themselves, as they notice that Buzz is coming. Hidden in the ship, they both end up going on an important mission with Buzz and manage to help him to defeat Evil Emperor Zurg and save the galaxy. At the end, Buzz allows Booster and XR to work with him as part of Team Lightyear.


  • He wears briefs except for one episode were he wore white boxers with little planets on them (Millennial Bugs).
  • His middle name might be a homage to the character Earl Sinclair from Jim Henson's comedy series Dinosaurs.
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