Alien Species
Pelvus and a pair of Bone Guard confront Femur


The Bone are a species of reptillians from the planet with the same name. They are one of the four native races from the Cluster and have been locked in centuries of conflicts with each of the civilizations for resources until the arrival of Beast that intended to devour their planets. They formed an alliance and put aside their hatred towards one another against the common enemy.

Culture and society[]

It seems the Bone live in a feudal-monarch society. By becoming emperor, one must kill or exile the current ruler and take the throne as according to a popular rhyme on Bone, "Ya snag the throne, ya rule on Bone/He who dies is food for the flies" where as Pelvis always plots to kill Femur for the throne and fails. The Bone warriors have a sense of honor and if they were to retreat under orders of the Emperor such as Femur they would find it against their code and be seen as cowards to others, thus plotting schemes to assassinate the emperor unless something is done to correct the mistake.


The Bones' technology is organic based along with their entire fleet, except for their clothing and military armor.