Bomber Spiders are a species of mutated arachnid created by the Ravagers to attack and invade Earth. Like the Wolf Spiders and Wasps, they only appear in a few known invasions on Earth in 2017 before they became discontinued.

Description Edit

Bomber Spiders are very large, dwarfing the Wolf Spiders they are often encountered with. They are large enough to crush a normal human being with one foot. Unlike Wolf Spiders, Bombers stay behind and are more prone to projectile attacks. Many of these projectiles take form of a sack that, upon impact, explode into a barrage of smaller spiders.

They are also capable of attacking with their fangs and charging at enemies if needed to be. If one is killed, they explode into numerous smaller spiders, typically around eight to ten.

Tickers Edit

Tickers is the name used for Bomber Spider young. They are, compared to other assault spiders, are the smallest known type of mutated spider used by the Ravagers. They're smaller than a normal human, but come in vast number. They are suicidal, and will latch onto their target before exploding, killing their target as well as themselves.
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