Universe DC Universe
Homeworld Bolovax Vik
Average Height
Sapience Level Sapient

Bolovaxians (sometimes referred to as Bolovax Vikians) are a strongly built humanoid race notable for their pachyderm-like skin, porcine nose and large jaws. Socially, they are a very gregarious species, which deeply enjoy the company of others. It is also believed that all Bolovaxians have an unusually similar genetic makeup, which could contribute to their intra-specific mutual affinity. Their political structure has been described as resembling Communism to some extent.

Their home-world, a planet called Bolovax Vik, used to be located on Space Sector 674, but was destroyed during the Great Crisis. Even though all of its inhabited were saved, as Kilowog managed to temporarily transport them in his Green Lantern watch to a new planet; this too was destroyed by the villain Sinestro; making Kilowog the last known member of his species.

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