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The Bolar are a green/white skinned species from the Star Blazers universe. Like most species in the Star Blazers universe, they are humanoid, with almost the exact same biology as humans. The Bolar are possibly the most populous species in the universe, with the belief that population expansion is the source of their power. Almost every world they settle down on are turned into factory worlds and have work camps built on them. Many Bolar worlds are heavily polluted from the massive amount of industrial activity taking place.

Society Edit

The Bolar have a communist like society, however it is extremely corrupt. The lower classes live almost as slaves toiling away in the factories that cover Bolar planets, while the upper classes and leadership lead luxurious lives. The Bolar are ruled by their Prime Minister Bemlayze. Propaganda that the Federation is a paradise is everywhere and all dissent is quickly crushed. Some members of the lower classes secretly worship a being called Queen Gardiana however being caught with any symbols of this religion is a severe offense. The Bolar hate their rival for control of the Milky Way, the Galman/Gamilon Empire. They see them as inferior, a belief supported among them because they had once conquered the old Galman Empire. However the sudden arrival of the Gamilons and their subsequent liberation of Planet Galman and many of their old colony worlds caught them completely off guard.

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Gurakens firing on a planet.

The Bolar boast having a very large military, however its not as strong as they claim it to be. Bolar ships are generally inferior to others in the same class. For this reason the Bolar have developed automated killing machines called Gurakens. Each Guraken is a miniature fortress larger then most ships, they can also connect with one another to form a larger vessel. The Bolar have also been working on black hole weaponry. However only one black hole gun had been produced by the time the Bolar Federation fell. Bolar military personnel are expected to fight and die for the Prime Minister unless ordered to retreat. A common threat is that an under preforming crew will be sent to work camps as punishment.

History Edit

Early History Edit

The Bolar were one of the four major species to rise up in their region of the Milky Way, the others being the Galman, the Dezarians, and the Gardianians. The Gardianians being the most advanced freely shared their technology with the others allowing them to set up the base of their respective empires. The Bolar absorbed several minor species into their Federation and these species eventually came to call themselves Bolar as well. After a rift in Galman society split their species into two factions and one of the factions left the Milky Way (This faction eventually became the Gamilons) the Bolar seized their chance to strike and quickly conquered Galman and their empire.

The Bolar War Edit

The Bolar continued to expand until 2202 when the the Gamilons returned to the Milky Way and liberated their old home world. The Bolar were caught completely off guard and lost most of the worlds they had seized from the Galmans. Both sides entered a standoff with neither able to gain an edge of the other. Things might have remained this way if a planet destroying missile fired during a battle with Galman forces missed and found its way to Earth's solar system and hit the sun, disrupting its nuclear fusion. This event plus another battle with the Galmans spilling over into the solar system drew Earth into the war. At first Earth was neutral defending itself from both sides, not knowing who they were while trying to find a new world to settle down on. Eventually the acts of the Bolar and finding out that Leader Desslok, an old ally of Earth, was in charge of the Galman forces turned Earth to their side. The Bolar war ended in a battle in Earth's solar system, between allied Earth-Galman forces lead by Leader Desslok, and Bolar forces personally lead by Prime Minister Bemlayze. The battle ended with the death of Bemlayze and the restoration of Earth's sun.

After the Bolar War Edit

With the death of Bemlayze, the Bolar Federation began to crumble. Seeing a chance to finish them off the Galman/Gamilon Empire launched a full scale assault and easily conquered the Bolar. They have remained a part of the empire ever since, with a rebellion occasionally popping up on former Bolar worlds.

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