Alien Species

The Bohrok-Va serve as Krana  suppliers, messengers and scouts of the Bohrok swarms. Just as there are six breeds of Bohrok, six breeds of Bohrok-Va are also present in the Bionicle Universe, and are as follows:

Tahnok-Va: Fire-based and carrying flame staffs, these mechanical entities serve the Bohrok swarms, serving usually alongside swarms of Tahnok.

Gahlok-Va: Water-based and carrying a hook-like tool, Gahlok-Va appear to be slower than most Bohrok-Va, however, seeing their restless nature, they actually get around faster than other breeds as they aid swarms of Gahlok.

Pahrak-Va: Stone-based and carrying stone hammers, Pahrak-Va serve the Bohrok swarms just as other Bohrok and Bohrok-Va do, carrying out the deeds needed by the swarms leaders, they are commonly found in the aid of Pahrak swarms.

Kohrok-Va: Ice-based and utilizing small ice picks, these are commonplace around the swarms of Kohrok.

Levahk-Va: Acid-based and carrying two small katana-like weapons, Lehvahk-Va serve alongside swarms of Lehvahk as other Bohrok-Va around their respective swarms.

Nuvahk-Va: Earth-based and using a  pair of large claws in the place of hands, these are suited to the cavernous regions which are used by Nuvahk swarms.