The Boglodites are extraterrestrial parasites from the planet Boglodotia that consumed an entire system of planets including; Arc, the Archanans homeworld, Byvoida, the Byvoids homeworld, Parlaxia, the Parlaxians homeworld and Glamouria, the Glamourians homeworld.

Biology[edit | edit source]

A Boglodite in Human disguise.

This species is dark brown in color and surrounded by sharp appendages, with eyeless sockets and sharp teeth. In order to sustain their species, they must consume planets of their resources and its inhabitants which is done to avoid starvation. The species is now extinct, and its last member and possible leader was Boris the Animal. They are shown to possess long tongues. They are stronger than humans as shown when Boris was able to crush metal tin with his bare hands. They also have an insect inside their hand which they can control, let it leave their body so that it can move independently, and allow them to fire spikes at a high speed which can be fatal to humans. They can sprout appendages for extra grip and survive in space without life support.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Although the invading Boglodite forces are not seen, their spacecraft hover over the skies of New York. The Boglodite spacecraft are equipped with a metal dome encased over a red underbelly of tentacles and globular circles. These tentacles are capable of plowing through nearby buildings with minimal difficulty. Traced alongside the rim of each spacecraft are a multitude of appendages.

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