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Bogey' Boga (Boozoo Bogs)
Biography Information
Homeworld Ando
Species Aqualish
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Death Unknown
Height Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Affiliation Bounty Hunter
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars Universe

Bogey' Boga, also known as Boozoo Bogs, was an Aqualish bounty hunter who would "hijack" other bounty hunters. He had a tradition of contacting his intended victim before attacking, inciting "There is a Bogey on your tail!", before killing them if he could not recruit them into the Galactic Radicals. Another bounty hunter, Papeh Blagko, grew tired of his shenanigans and put out a bounty on Boga's head: 4,000 credits alive and 2,000 credits dead. It was not long before the notorious Jango Fett came and claimed the bounty, although there are conflicting reports as to how he turned Boga in: dead or alive.

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