Biography Information
Homeworld Celeste (adopted homeworld)
Potentially Xenomorph Prime
Species Xenomorph
Diet Carnivorous
Behind the Scenes
Universe AVP Universe

Bodybursters are a mutated Xenomorph variant incapable of maturing past its larval stage, which because of this resembles a large black Chestburster. They have the odd ability to cause a bitten victim to explode due to their venomous bite, in a similar manner to the "Huma Scale Parasites" found on the "Cloverfield Monster" and in the deep abyssal trenches of the planet Earth. Sometimes thought to be a preevolution of modern day Xenomorphs.

Known History Edit

A Chestburster's pink egg was smuggled from amongst an ordinary clutch to the pleasure planet Celeste, where, after escaping from its human host, wreaked havoc among the population with its venomous bite. The Bodyburster seems not to have an inner jaw and it is amazingly fast.


  • Aliens: Kidnapped

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