Biography Information
Alias Mo-Ron
Homeworld Barone's
Species Barone's native
Gender Male
Diet Omnivorous
Personality Simple-minded
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Freakazoid!
Performed by Stan Freberg

Bo-Ron, (known in his first appearance as Mo-Ron) is a rather dim-witted humanoid from the planet Barone's. He originally came to Earth to alert humanity about an incoming comet, but forgot what he was supposed to say.

In his second visit, Bo-Ron was accidentally left behind on Earth when his ship landed for a brief toilet stop and the other aliens departed without him. Bo-Ron was then found by Freakazoid, who helped him contact his people.


  • Freakazoid!
    • s01e03, "Mo-Ron" (1995)
    • s01e11, "Next Time, Phone Ahead" (1996)


  • As noted above, Bo-Ron's original name was Mo-Ron. His homeworld was named after Barone's Pizzeria, which was a favorite of the cast and crew.
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