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Blueroot Tree
Blueroot Tree
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Unknown (Possibly Aether)
Diet Photosynthesis (Presumed)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Blueroot Tree Ingame

How a Blueroot Tree's trunk appears from Samus' view.

Blueroot Trees are a species of tree-like flora which is commonly found on planets that possess a desert region. This has blurred which might be their homeworld, although it is speculated that it may have originated on the Space Pirate's. They are considered quite an attractive and elegant specimen, although this underlays the fact that their leaves are highly toxic. Few species are capable of ingesting the leaves and surviving the encounter: many of them (including the aforementioned Space Pirates) consider the deadly Blueroot leaf to be a delicacy.

Samus Aran came across a small outcropping of Blueroots on Aether at the Agon Map Station in the Agon Wastes.


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