The Blue Meanies or the Children as they call themselves are a race of aliens in the Remnant Universe.

Physiology Edit

Blue Meanies look similar to overgrown worms about the size smaller than a horse, pony-sized. Their bodies are rubbery brown and hairless. Blue Meanies heads are carried forward, like any grazing animal. Their eyes on each side of the head with two tentacles that extend from each side.

Blue Meanies have four legs without feet that are similar to the top of a boomerang. When Blue Meanies' bodies are cut, they deflate, and they leak out a goo that is purple-black. This is believed to be their blood. Blue Meanies do not have eyelids.

Blue Meanies reproduce using budding. It involves daix, nen, and nya.

Culture Edit

Blue Meanies have an organized culture. For their government, there are six Sentients called the Quorum. A Muse is also involved, and the Muse can sense Mother's emotions. The Expositor goes on observation missions. The regular Blue Meanies perform ordinary tasks. Their language is a type of sign language that is conveyed through their tentacles, but humans are able to express themselves in their language. Meanie naming conventions were quite poetic and decorative.

Religion Edit

Blue Meanies originally called themselves the True Children of Mother because they worshipped Mother. Then, their creators, the Shipwrights, kicked them out of Mother because of a rebellion again them. Recently, the Blue Meanies forced their way back into Mother. Some of them have decided to stop worshipping Mother and worship Yago instead. Yago has The Touch, which is a feeling that Blue Meanies can't resist. Now, some Blue Meanies worship Yago, and some still worship Mother. The ceremony when new buds are formed is called the Dance of Birth.

Technology Edit

Blue Meanies are almost always encased in their smooth, glossy, liquid blue metal suits. From these suits the rear legs fired short bursts, the maneuvering rockes, allowing them to fly not fast but like clumsy missiles. Blue Meanies have many weapons built into their suits. They only have a limited amount of power, but they are very dangerous. Some of their weapons are flechette guns and mini-missiles. Some Blue Meanies possess special Cutting Wings.

  • Cutting Wings: About one in every ten Blue Meanies have Cutting Wings. These wings are activated when Blue Meanies extend their tentacles straight out. The wings are big enough to support a small airplane. They are gleaming and silvery, and they arch part of the suit like twin ten-foot switchblades. The Cutting Wings make the Blue Meanies look terrifying, and they are quite dangerous, too.
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