Blue Deer
Blue Deer
General Information
Homeworld Troy
Locomotion Quadrapedal
Sapience level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lanfeust of Troy Universe

The Blue Deer or Loss is a creature native to the planet Troy in the Lanfeust Universe.

Biology Edit

Blue Deer are animals that resemble a quadruped with a blue hide. They are quite widespread in the plains, the Loss are a peaceful herbivore leaping, with friendly facial expressions. Gentle, affectionate, and a little silly, they owes their survival to the foul taste of its pulpit. Even the trolls are reluctant to taste it. Trolls are only reduced eating this animal  in case of particularly violent hunger, and still, they do not finish everything. The loss loves to eat the fragrant berries of the cruflier and it is in the areas where this shrub grows that it meets most often. The blue berries give the animal its atrocious taste and pretty hue. For it must be admitted, the loss has a beautiful skin whose moire reflections seem to capture the light. Though the leather of the loss is a deplorable quality, it tears barely tanned and loses all color along with any solidity.

Appearance Edit

  • Lanfeust of Troy: Ivory of the Magohamoth (1994)
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