Alien Species

Blue Blink, or Blink, is a donkey-like alien from the series Aoi Blink (Blue Blink). He is a friendly alien who feeds off electricity. He has several powers, including been able to fly, talk telepathically, use electricity for different purposes, turn invisible, curl up into a ball to rest and recharge and grant courage to those who need it. His body is mainly sky-blue, with white spots on his back. His hooves, muzzle and tail are white as well. This pattern makes him blend with the sky.

Blink is first introduced in the series Blue Blink as he is saved by a child named Kakeru in a thunderstorm. This noble creature has a sense of honor as he wants to repay Kakeru for helping him. Therefore he tells Kakeru to call him during Kakeru's time of need. At the same time, he tries to get Kakeru to show courage and work things out for himself as Kakeru can become overwhelmed in bad situations - although Blink most often has to use his powers to give Kakeru courage to deal with the challenges they face.

Behind the scenes[]

Blue Blink was created by Osama Tezuka, who died during its production. 39 episodes of this series have been made, more than half of them after its creator's death.