The Fiery Blowhog and Watery Blowhog.

Blowhogs are a species of plump creature that's commonly found on PNF-404. Most, if not all of the species in this group were found by Captain Olimar.

Description[edit | edit source]

All Blowhogs have a tube-like extension at the end of their heads which acts as both the creature's mouth, and their main method of projectile use. Many of these creatures aren't deadly hunters, but can still hold their own as fairly defensive creatures.

The Blowhog species has two different types associated with the family group: The land Blowhogs and the Air Blowhogs. Land Blowhogs are quadrupedal animals that resemble stocky, snorting mammals. Air Blowhogs meanwhile look more similar to that of Earth blowfish.

Species[edit | edit source]

A total of five species had been discovered on PNF-404; two from the Land Blowhogs subgroup, and three from the Air Blowhog subgroup. Only one became extinct, and two are mechanized for the Pikmin Adventure attraction:

Land Blowhogs[edit | edit source]

Air Blowhogs[edit | edit source]

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