The Blorg, a vile race of fungoids coming from the disgusting, hot, tropical and humid hell-hole that is Blorg Prime.

Fungoid massive 12

Biology Edit

The Blorg are a typical race of fungoids inhabiting a tropical planet. These fungoids are large columns of fungal mass that over the course of several millennia gain sentience. Blorg locomotion is often slow due to fact they have no legs and often rely on their two arm-like limbs to help them move. These limbs used for a variety of things such as grasping and manipulating the many objects on Blorg. The Blorg have no eyes or definable ears that any species knows of.

History Edit

In the very distant past, the Blorg were living alone and unnamed in the vast jungles of Blorg prime. Eventually these nameless primitives gain sentience and built a rudimentary civilization. This civilization was hollow and without purpose as the blorg went about their days wandering aimlessly in search of a purpose. But on one fateful day they received strange radio transmissions from a distant star system. What their flagellum heard shook them to the core. The sounds of friends, movies, culture, and music - things the Blorg had dreamed of for eons. After finally understanding what their species had been missing all along, the Blorg took their names from these awe inspiring transmissions and went out into the stars in search of these so called "friends". The Blorg, using this discovery as a purpose of living, had set out to the stars hoping that one day they can source of these messages that brought purpose into their lives.

Culture Edit

The Blorg before the alien(human) transmissions, did have some sort of culture albeit primitive and crude. Yet, this "culture" was hollow and void of any purpose. After deciphering the alien(human) messages they began to adopt what they learn into their own culture such as names, technology and government. They eventually became a crude copy of the alien(earth) culture.

Government Edit

The Blorg Commonality was founded with the sole purpose of finding the planet they owe their entire civilization to. They were controlled by a "military" junta, a council of "admirals". They tried to incorporate other races into their fold, but often they are put off by the Blorg's disgusting appearance.

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