The Bloodliners are a culture of humans in the distant future of the Lightstep Chronicles Universe.

Biology Edit

The Bloodliners are fair-skinned beings, typically handsome specimens of humanity due to being genetically perfected. Those rare few that possess close genetics with the Primogenitor are known to experience seizures that allow one to see the genetic memories of their founder. These events are seen as sacred visions by the Bloodlinerse.

History Edit

The Bloodliners were founded by a being known as the Primogenitor, a man was part of a triumvirate with his siblings, until his own sister murdered his brother. Taking vengeance the Primogenitor killed her. Paranoid with fear, the Primogenitor slaughtered the members of the royal family.

From there on he declared his bloodline the only pure one and from him the first hundred true blood are spawned through endless orgy and gene-splicing. During his rule he propagated the Great Purge taking the children of his subjects he deemed impure. Eventually his subjects rebelled and successfully overthrew him and casted him into the Vermilion Quasar where he fell to a fiery end.

Though the Primogenitor perished, his children survived, having thrived and multiplied on backwater stars. Blindly following his decree they continue to purge the galaxy of all impure

Culture Edit

The Bloodliners lives in the Lightstep Planets, which are moon-sized worlds that move at a velocity close to the speed of light. Here time moves more slowly compared to the rest of the universe. Bloodliners used this as a means of class distinction; the higher their status the faster their world would be.

The Bloodliners are ruled by the Alpha Regent. And below that are a caste known as the Pure Bloods. The Bloodliners have continued a crusade across the cosmos to preserve purity. They hold an idol-cult based on imitation for their founder. For to rise to the position of candidate as Alpha Regent, one needs to be 89% genetically similar. Possessing a sister and brother is also essential to reenact the event of how he rose to power, killing his siblings and even cutting off a finger to mimic him.

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