Bloodflowers are a species of carnivorous flora indigenous to Tallon IV's overworld. Like many Tallonian species, Bloodflowers are highly aggressive, and will launch concentrated clusters of toxic spores at any opposing lifeforms in an attempt to either subdue or otherwise eliminate them (see: kill). The spores are produced from their stigma, which is located at the flower's center. They possess a trio of mouth-nodules which protrude from the stalk beneath the flower; each of these has a rudimentary brain cluster as well as the ability to spew toxic fumes at anything that comes within a five-meter radius of the main stalk.

Due primarily to their floratic nature, they do not seem capable of choosing their own location to live out their lives - and even if they can, they certainly cannot mobilize (at least with any significant speed), and thus they are extremely susceptible to environmental harm if an opponent knows ahead of time how to deal with one. Bloodflowers are in fact not immune to their own spores, and should a sapient opponent hit the spore with conventional weaponry it will rupture early and rain down its toxins, which can kill the originator instantaneously should the toxins come in contact with them, causing them to let out a startling scream and ignite. Another way to deal with them is by utilizing Sap Sacs that may be in the vicinity by rupturing them instead.


  • Metroid Prime
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