The Blood Carvers were a race of insectoids known for its honor and social structure. Native to the planet Batorine. They were slender and graceful, with long, three-jointed limbs; tall, thin necks; and iridescent gold skin. They were able to communicate a variety of emotions through the opening and closing of their nostril flaps, which they tattooed with a multitude of colors and patterns. These flaps also served to provide the Blood Carvers with the senses of small and hearings.

They joined the Old Republic almost a century before the Battle of Naboo, after they were exterminated from their homeworld by the Lontars. Only a few hundred survived, and nearly all migrated to Coruscant. They were known as artists and assassins, two seemingly opposite traits. However, the Blood Carvers considered the art of sculpture - especially of blood tree wood, which gave them their name - as a form of assassination, taking away what wasn't needed to leave the best behind. Every Blood Carver was taught that the accumulation of wealth was a sin of the ego, and profit was returned to their homeworld to help the greater good. When they died, Blood Carvers were ritually cremated, to return them to nature.

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