Alien Species
Alpha Blogg.png
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Aether
Average Height 300cm
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Bloggs are large, aquatic predators native to the Torvus Bog of the planet Aether. As adults they utilize speed and agility to close in on their prey, battering their opponents with a ramming attack before using their three tooth-filled maws to finish the job. They also possess the ability to fire sonic blasts, which are possibly created by shattering bubbles with their armored jaws in a similar fashion to the pistol shrimp on the planet Earth; these blasts are known to disrupt the visors of some sapients. While their bodies are covered in a thick, damage-resistant hide, the insides of their mouths are not and are therefore generally considered their "weak spot".

Infant Bloggs are known as Blogglings, and have yet to develop their three distinctive maws or the sonic blast ability, further leading to the theory that the two are connected. While smaller than their fully-mature members, they are still aggressive and will use a simple ramming attack to incapacitate potential prey. An interesting factoid about these young versions is that their hide is mostly yet not entirely fused together, and so while they have no official weak points, an area hit on one Bloggling that may outright injure it may be impervious on another.

Bloggs lead a pack mentality, and are led by the largest and most immense Bloggs, which are known simply as Alpha Bloggs.