• Somarinoa

    Final Movie Ever?

    May 21, 2011 by Somarinoa

    The rapture (apparently) starts at 10pm Alaska Time; as such, I am going to go see a "final movie" before they potentially send me to Hell. That movie shall be Battle: LA. Wish me luck on not being burned by eternal Hellfire! -- Somarinoa 02:07, May 21, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Somarinoa


    May 16, 2011 by Somarinoa

    I banned for 3 months. He greatly vandalized the Prawn page. I will work on fixing it here in a moment. I need to add something new to the wikia, but I'm not sure what yet. Maybe a Maxis spore creature, that'd be easy enough. I just would like to add something new every day, is all. Does a ban count as a new addition? -- Somarinoa 15:46, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Nexus12

    A Day of Reckoning.

    May 10, 2011 by Nexus12

    This is a little fan-fic I did on another wiki where I was previously an admin. Please read and comment if you get the time!

    The bridge of the majestic Drosoor fills with the scent of the hunt and the lust of battle. Never before has theDrosoor seen battle, a relatively new ship, only 163 solar cycles old. This new ship will be influential in the Human's defeat. The Drosoor will capture one of the human's outposts and threaten death to everyone inside unless the Human's comply with the demands given. This exact same plan of action will be executed simultaneously on 7 other outposts in hopes of making the Terrans surrender. The warp through hyperspace finishes and outpost X-19 appears in full view on the holo projector. A communication channel i…

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  • Nexus12

    Rules & Policies

    May 7, 2011 by Nexus12

    Hello. Let me start this off, by saying that I am deeply honored if you are reading this blog, but unless you are directly involved in the policy and regulations process, or are interested in how our policies are made, you will probably find this boring. So this is basically what I want changed in regards to policies, if I get support from my fellow policy maker, Owen, then I will proceed to make the changes. Here's my plan for future changes.

    • I want to merge some of the policies. I think if we can have about 3 outlined, detailed articles that contain multiple policies, it would be better then it is now. I don't believe that the average reader wants to read 10 pages of policies before he/she starts editing.
    • I want to create more policies, I…
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  • Nexus11

    Fanfic. Scraps of Paper.

    November 4, 2010 by Nexus11


    Troy Mercieiri.

    The Space Pirates.

    Anton Harverd.

    Admiral Keith Sundross.

    The Galactic Federation.


    "I remember, when I was a boy, my father always told me that chance liked to play the funniest of games with the surest of people". "How right he was".

    Admiral Keith surveyed the damage caused by the aerial strike. The remaining pirates had been eliminated by troopers. The prisoners of the Calthurn were shaken and each in worse shape than any man he had ever seen. For all of the prisoners were men. It appeared that the pirates had killed the woman and children aboard the Calthurn. In the old base there was only one object of interest to the Admiral. It was a diary. Yellowed and old, but the curious thing about it was that t…

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  • Owen1983

    wikia's new look

    October 23, 2010 by Owen1983

    the minute I saw it i liked it and i have heard that halopedia and GTW have left IMV its there choice but its not mine and you can't run away all your life so I am staying

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  • Owen1983

    If you find an article without an image please put noimage in between as it informs editors--Owen1983 14:35, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Rex095

    is any one doing to make ardicals for the Kzin or the Pierson's Puppeteers?

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  • Evalion

    DS Message

    November 14, 2009 by Evalion


    I'm evalion from dead space and currently working on your necromorphs page.

    I'd like you guys to try and keep in touch with us as where doing a project called United Wikias. To try and join with our sister websites.

    I am not telling you guys that I'm advertising or anything, but keeping in touch would greatly increase the users of both of our website.

    In other words, LETS MAKE FRIENDS!!! :3 Yeah, theres a little humor there.

    But please do check our website.

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  • Stupid Thargus

    Stupid Thargus

    August 12, 2009 by Stupid Thargus

    Thank you for choosing Stupid Thargus

    Please leave your comments Yo.

    This is My man Thargus !

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  • Stupid Thargus


    August 12, 2009 by Stupid Thargus

    Thank you Users for tuning in to Stupid Thargus.

    Please leave Your comments Yo!

    This is my man Thargus.

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