Alien Species
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Beware of the Blob!

Blobs, sometimes referred to as Blobforms are amorphous solid organisms, and are generally considered a species type rather than any specific species, in a similar fashion to the word "worm". As such, there are many blobs found throughout the universe. Blobs differ from similar types of amorphs, however: beings such as Slimes are more likely to be more sloppy in form as well as oftentimes appear flatter in profile. Gels do not appear to have the same consistency as Blobs, and may also lack the often seen acidity of Blobs that is used as a digestive behavior. The word "blob" commonly refers to:

  • Gloople from the flash game, Amorphous +;
  • Maw, extremely voracious blobforms from The Maw;
  • Semaj, a predatory species from the obscure FPS Corridor 7: Alien Invasion;
  • Umgah, a species of unintentionally cruel pranksters from Star Control;
  • Umgullian Blobs from Star Wars;

Similar Species[]

There are also many species similar to Blobs, but do not quite fit the description. Some of these might be considered, instead, Slimes or Gels, others simply have a similar amorphous body that shifts throughout itself in a similar manner while not being simply single-celled. Some are races that would be considered blobs if it were not for a more humanoid form. These include:

  • Flitt, a species of amoebic amorphs from Metroid;
  • Fludentri, a species built out of a polymerized liquid that works similar to a blob from Ascendancy.
  • Horta, a silicon-based "blob" from Star Trek;
  • Jelly-bladder Plant, a species of huge flora that resembles a blob but is in fact not one from Expedition / Alien Planet;
  • Magdollite, a species made out of magma that could be confused for a blob to the untrained eye from Metroid;
  • Metroid, a species that could be mistaken for a hovering blobform from the series of the same name;
  • Mochtroid, a failed clone species built from Metroids from Metroid;
  • Shoggoth, from H. P. Lovecraft's fiction, is one of the earliest examples of this kind of alien