Alien Species

The Blisk were once proud and mighty warriors that ruled an ocean paradise on Mars, and at least in part due to their pride, their enemies, the Furons went to war with them.

The Furons nuclear weaponry reduced their world to desert and wiped them out completely, or so they thought; At least one damaged Blisk warship escaped, and it drifted towards Earth and crashed in Tunguska in 1908.

The Blisk language is very close to Russian, which allowed the Blisk to blend in with the Russian society, and a Blisk by the name of Milenkov even became the premier of the USSR.

The Blisk plotted to launch spores onto the Earth and mutate it's population, but they were stopped by the Furon warrior Cryptosporidium-138, who destroyed their weapons, their only remaining ship (which was incapable of flight anyways) and their hive. The Blisk created a distress signal in an effort to save themselves, but that too was destroyed by the aforementioned Furon. Even after all missions of "Destroy all Humans! 2" have been completed, the Blisk can still be encountered in Tunguska, but they are never seen or mentioned afterwards, leaving their fate a mystery.


Blisk seemingly have advanced technology and have developed space travel and energy weapons. The Blisk have large pods which fire energy beams to counter enemy aircraft (namely Furon saucers), body shields, nuclear power, and space flight technology.

The Blisk also created spores capable of altering human biology and mutating humans, causing them to become loyal to the Blisk hivemind. While it was never specified whether it was through natural ability or advanced technology, Milenkov appearing to be human despite being a Blisk was remarkable either way.


The Blisk are bipedal black (or rarely white) crustaceans with short legs and very long arms that tower above both humans and Furons. The Blisk are almost completely immune to the effects of radiation and can fire an energy beam out of their hand (though it is unknown whether this is a natural ability or an implanted weapon). The Blisk appear to be hiveminded, and always refer to themselves in the plural.

Notable variants[]

  • Mutants: Not actual Blisk, but simply Humans mutated by Blisk spores which become loyal to the blisk and become part of the Blisk hivemind, they become orange in colour and walk hunched over, spitting globs of acid on their opponents. They can be freed of their control when Crypto uses his Anla Probe Weapon on them, although the spores can then either attack Crypto or move on to another human host if Crypto doesn't destroy them fast enough.
  • A Crystal blisk with 2 mutants to its left.

    Crystal Blisk: A Blisk warrior with a red nexus crystal in its forehead and a stronger shield. There role is to protect nexus crystals. Only one Crystal Blisk has ever been seen, so it is possible the Crystal Blisk was just a unique individual, and not a caste.
  • Yeti: Yetis are albino variants of the Blisk and they are noticeably stronger than the warriors. Their role is unknown but they might have served as specialized Furon killers. It should be noted that they are solitary from other Blisk warriors, though they are occasionally seen with mutants. First seen in a side mission, they soon appear in places across Tunguska where humans aren't present.


  • If Crypto leads a Blisk/Yeti and/or their mutants towards armed humans (such as the KGB or Cosmonauts), the Blisk and humans will begin to fight one another - with human guns having a limited effect on the Blisk (their bombs, rockets and Tank shells are more effective). Strangely in Tunguska, if Crypto leads one towards the Russian Mafia, they will not fight each other and will both focus on attacking Crypto.
  • If Crypto stops looking at a Blisk/Yeti he has lured towards humans, the Blisk may sometimes randomly disappear. It's unknown as to whether they can teleport or if this is a game glitch, although it is likely the latter since the Blisk never use this ability at any other time.
  • Crypto's psychokinesis doesn't work against a live Blisk. After been killed, however, Crypto can use his psychokinesis on their corpse. Due to a game glitch, the Blisk corpse sometimes gets stuck in certain positions.