Blazes are an species of non-sapient, fire-based creatures that roam the baron lava wastelands of The Nether dimension in the Minecraft Universe.

Physical Appearance Edit

Blazes, like most creatures from The Nether, have a very bizarre appearance compared to other creatures in the Minecraft Universe. They have no visible body, but they do have a head and eight "legs" that levitate around the Blaze's head.

History Edit

Living alongside other creatures of The Nether dimension, Blazes are one of the many species of creatures that act incredibly aggressive towards any humans they encounter in The Nether. When encountering an human, Blazes are known to fire a constant barrage of small balls of fire at the human, or humans, it encounters until they have either left their position or until the Blaze kills them. Blazes have been notorious for hoarding together in large groups within Nether Fortresses, where along with Wither Skeletons, they ambush identifiable intruders.

Appearances Edit

  • Minecraft (first appearance)
  • Minecraft: Story Mode
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