The Blanc are the result of Raydians that follow what is known as the "Cult of Blanc", falling under similar enslaved status as the Graydians. And like the Graydians, Blancs became extinct after the Inkies were driven off, many Blancs returning back to Raydians.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Blancs are very similar to Raydians in appearance, though mostly it's because they used to be Raydians. Their bodies are completely black and covered in Ink, the only main facial features being the eyes.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Being a cult following, all Blancs follow under the "Cult of Blanc", in which they hate colors and try turning everything into Black and White. They aren't hostile by nature though, yet they will become hostile towards those that hold a threat to their cult.

Not much is known of this culture, but there is a process called a "Blanc Baptism", in which a Raydian willingly bathes in a pool of ink until it completely turns into a Blanc. This sometimes is forced upon by Inky Shephards at times, whom of which the Blancs blindly follow every command to.

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