Blackout Earthfall
General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Height 5-6 feet
Locomotion Levitation
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Species Origin Meteor Strike (Earth since 2031)
Racial Abilities Teleportation
Behind the Scenes
Universe Earthfall Universe

The Blackout is one of the Alien species that appeared on Earth in 2031 after the Meteor strike in the Earthfall Universe.

Appearance Edit

Blackouts hold the most foreign appearance out of the aliens of the horde. It resembles a cephalopod in context: six tentacles jutting out of the head, each ending in a dagger-like cup. It appears to have no legs, only having fin-like membranes.

Abilities Edit

Blackouts are capable of specialized abilities in contrast to other aliens of the horde. It is capable of levitation to accommodate for its lack of legs. It constantly summons an electromagnetic energy shield that can deflect bullet shots, and with this energy also able to teleport vast distances to shoot electric projectiles at enemies.

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