Alien Species

The Bitthævrians were an ancient species of warriors native to the planet Guiteica, located in the Kadok Regions of the galaxy.


They were a physically formidable race, with muscular bodies covered with a tough, leathery hide. The joints of their elbows and knees were studded with sharp quills, which quickly regenerate if broken off or lost in combat. Their upper jaw was studded with a row six serrated teeth, and it completely overhangs the lower jaw, giving the Bitthævrian the appearance of a deadly shark.

Culture and society[]

Each member of their warrior society had three names: the season they were born in, their mother's family name, and their own personal name. Males always took their wife's family name upon being wedded. As a people, the Bitthævrians preferred to be isolated from the rest of the galaxy, and had no longing or desire to travel among the stars.

During the decades leading up to the Clone Wars, the Bitthævrian people rebelled against the Old Republic, when it was discovered that a Republic-backed soldier tried unsuccessfully to depose the current ruler. In response, the Republic misled the Kaleesh into attacking the Bitthaervians, claiming that the Bitthævrians were a threat to the safety of Kalee. The Kaleesh augmented a group of Jedi Knights that traveled to Guiteica and defeated the Bitthævrians, decimating the m'Yalfor'ac Order and eliminating the threat of reprisal against the Republic. The Bitthævrians retreated into the Kadok Regions, and eventually returned to prominence only when the New Order was instituted, as the Bitthaervians decided that the Empire was the lesser of two evils.