Universe Amorphous +
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height 1 m
Diet Omnivorous
Intelligent Middle-low

A Biter is a soldier Gloople. Regardless of how deep one might get into a Gloople nest, one of the more dangerous castes they will encounter is in fact the Biter: they are highly aggressive and very persistent in hunting down opponents and prey alike (not that the two are any different from one another in the end). It is neither rare nor passive in any way, shape, or form, it is the primary hunting force of any Gloople nest. They possess a tougher membrane in order to provide their "teeth" with a suitable anchorage while biting, and they therefore cannot absorb solid matter through their membranes.

Powers and abilities Edit

Biters are fast and agile, and also displays some intelligence, because they know where their enemies are, and they will charge them. How they can "see" the environment and identify them is unclear. Theories include perception of vibrations, track of scents, instructions from the Hive Mind or some sort of "sight without eyes".

They can rapidly generate keratinous projections that superficially resemble teeth, which will appear over its skin and are connected to the central mass by sinuous tensile strands; however, a Biter can generate only 6 or 8 teeth at the same time. Usually, a Biter will jump at an enemy, arranging their teeth to form a circular, mouth-like structure, and they will bite them. Once the Biter has assured a safe hold on the target (and possibly knocking it down), it will maintain the hold with some teeth, while rapidly hitting the prey pulling out and retracting the others, piercing it over and over until it presumably perishes. If a Biter lose a tooth, it will simply generate another by calcifing some substances within its body, a process which takes only a few hours.

Biters can fuse together by reverse mitosis; unlike the Green Glooples, however, this action will generate a powerful Gloople known as Horror. Also, it seems that a Fuzzle is an advanced form of Biter.

Trivia Edit

  • A vast majority of Human injury from Gloople nests is caused by Biters.
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