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Bismuth (Steven Universe)
Biography Information
Homeworld Gem Homeworld
Species Gem (Bismuth)
Gender Female
Body Type Humanoid
Hair Color Rainbow
Eye Color Black
Affiliation Crystal Gems
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Steven Universe

This unnamed Bismuth is a member of the Crystal Gems.

History Edit

Prior to the events the series, Bismuth fought along side Garnet, Pearl, and Rose Quartz as one of the Crystal Gems while during the ancient Gem War. However at same point, she became corrupted with determination to shatter Gems.

This led to extreme measures for Rose, as she and Bismuth got into an unfortunate duel and ended up killing Bismuth tragically, leaving only her gemstone behind. Once then, Rose instantly placed her away into storage and kept the incident a secret from the other Gems. Until years later, when Steven discovered Bismuth from within Lion's mane.

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