The Biomorphs are one of the alien species playable in the 2016 mobile game 'X-Core. Galactic Plague.'. The Biomorphs are described as the only friendly species in the Galaxy. They can take any form and prove indistinguishable from the native inhabitants of planets they colonize. When it comes to Earth their objective is to populate the Earth, having an 80% presence on the planet. Their government and homeworld is unknown due to their secrecy and integration into the societies of Earth. As the only friendly species in the Galaxy they have a desire to hide themselves due to past encounters with the other species of the 'X-Core. Galactic Plague.' universe.


The appearance provided of a Biomorph has them looking like green levitating Humans with white hair and solid white eyes however this appearance is likely not their base form but one adapted by them.

The 'Invasion'Edit

Biomorphs like the other alien species in 'X-Core. Galactic Plague' are trying to take over the Earth but their desired means of doing so is immigration; undocumented immigration. Biomorphs focus on mobility, landing in one region of the Earth and expanding outward through terrestrial land, air, and sea travel. They focus on cultural adaptations to the alien (to them) world of Earth, making themselves look Human, integrating into Human societies as normal citizens, and with the use of gifts making Human allies who will help conceal them. If discovered, Humanity will fear the shapeshifters and their secret infiltration of society and begin to work on a super weapon to expel them from the planet. In light of this the Biomorphs are able to build up a military presence, and begin to enslave Humans with the use of hypnotism and subliminal programming. In short they will take drastic measures to stop the super weapon from being completed- discarding their otherwise friendly demeanor.

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