Alien Species

The Bimms were the name given to either of two distinct races of humanoids which were native to the planet Bimmisaari. Xenoarchaeologists believe that the original Bimms were bipedal, half-furred humanoids who loved to tell stories and were enamored of heroic feats. They were generally a peaceful people who welcomed visitors with laughing voices and open arms, and they all seemed to dress in yellow. They were also excellent hagglers, and spend much of their days shopping and bargaining with each other.

Millennia before the fall of the Old Republic, a second race of near-humans came to Bimmisaari from a nearby star system, and adopted the original Bimm civilization as their own. The original Bimms, being hospitable and open-minded, accepted the newcomers into their society without question. However, the two races were sexually incompatible, and could not interbreed. Both races of Bimm seemed to prefer the color yellow, and the original Bimms almost always wore yellow clothing.

Bimms who were part of the same litter were all of the same sex, so a female could give birth to groups of eighteen or more sons (or daughters) at one time.