Alien Species

Bilkans are the race that came originally from the city of Bilka in Fairy Vearth.

Universe One Piece
Homeworld Fairy Vearth and Earth (adopted)
Average Height Same as human
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient

Physiology and Biology[]


A male Bilkan

Like Skypieans and Shandians, they have wings on their back. What separates them from the other two races is that their wings face downwards. Their race was introduced with Enel and his Priests, but never identified until Enel's mini-series. One odd thing about their race is that many of them feature goat-like facial features such as floppy ears and horns. Their race appears on a drawing in Enel's mini-series on an image that represented the three races of the Sky Islands, the drawing depicted a race with the same wings. Presumable, another member of their race is Urouge, a pirate in the blue seas.


Departure from Fairy Vearth[]

Their known history is that they were one of three races that once lived on the Moon and aided in the creation of the Spaceys. When resources on the moon dried up, they along with the Shandorians (ancestors of the Shandians) and the Skypieans left the moon and the Spaceys behind. They abandoned the City of Bilka to settle life anew on the Blue Star.

The Tides of History[]

At some point in history, the three races became separated from each other and fell into the individual races that are seen in the current storyline of One Piece. The Bilkans settled on a Sky Island apparently named after their former home, Bilka. They also appeared to "forget" their origins, although the moon, known to them as the Fairy Vearth remained a folk tale amongst their people, believing it to be a place of dreams.

The End of Bilka[]

Eventually, Enel, using his Devil Fruit powers of the Goro Goro no Mi, destroyed his homeland, Bilka. He then traveled to and took over Skypiea and made himself God there.

Powers and abilities[]


A Bilkan in the Gargantuan Mode

Some Bilkans are famous by their special abilities, like:

  • Some Bilkans got a special ability called Mantra.
  • Some Bilkans are masters in use Dials.
  • Some Bilkans can increase their body proportions to gargantuan sizes. (Urouge has an un-named devil fruit).