This sapient species is native to the Betelgeuse System and looks like a large bell-shaped fungus. They also have a retractable antenna which can be extended for several meters. By touching other creatures with the luminous tip of their antenna they are able to relieve pain, cure fatigue and transfer their life energy to other creatures, with the donor becoming shriveled and weak as a result.

Betelgeusians are capable of instinctively learning new languages after hearing them for some hours. Their technology is based on substances unknown to Humans and their ships are capable of FTL speed. They seem to survive just as well in both Earth and Jovian atmosphere.


  • Space Patrol, Ep.21 - "The Talking Bell" (1963)


  • The Betelgeusian's ability to cure Colonel Raeburn's headache and keep an injured Larry Dart alive by touching them with his glowing antenna may have been the inspiration for Steven Spielberg's famous E.T., which can cure injuries by touching them with the glowing tip of his index finger.
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