Alien Species

" No! You can't do this to us! We made you better! Don't you see no one can equal you! My genius built you-- created you! You can not kill...your father!"

- Bertron last word to his "Son" Doomsday or as he called him The Ultimate before he was killed by his own creation.

Bertron was an emotionless alien scientist who was obsessed with creating the Ultimate Life-form. Many time he was refereed as the "Father" of Doomsday, even before his death at the hand of his "Son" he refereed to himself to be his father.


Old Bertron

Bertron was obsessed with creating the Ultimate Life-form. Bertron saw the perfect place to do his experiment in an inhospitable Krypton, at that time the planet was violent, hellish world where only the absolute strongest of the creatures could survive, and the dominant life-form said to be the most dangerous creatures in the universe, this made the planet perfect for Bertron to start his experiment to create the ultimate lifeform. Bertro sent a Baby born in the lab in vitro to the surface of the planet, the Baby died from the harsh environment. Bertron harvested the remains and used it to clone a stronger version of the Baby, Bertron repeated this process, the baby evolved and could survive the heat temperature and the rock landscape, only to be killed by the creatures that inhabited the planet. For years Bertron kept doing his experiment and cloning a stronger version from very fail attempt to create the ultimate lifeform unknown to him the agony of every death the Baby suffered became part of his genes and Bertron subjected him to death from all life on Krypton this drove the creature to hate all life. When Bertron dream was almost complete Baby was no more Bertron now called him The Ultimate because he don't need to be cloned to return to life and can overcame what ever hurt and killed him before. The being hunted and killed all the dangerous creatures only with his hands. Then the being came across Bertron lab which he recognized and Bertron know it was his creation and every time the being come closer Bertron could see him better when Bertron saw the form of being and despite the monstrous form the being became Bertron think it was beautiful, one of the scientists who was assistance Bertron asked what do they do because they only dealt with him when he was "Dead", the being crashed into the lab Bertron tried to reason with the being but it killed him and everyone else in the lab. Despite Bertron's death every time Doomsday (The Ultimate Lifeform) look at Superman he see the image of Bertron and this fill Doomsday with rage and hatred. This was used once when a chip was implanted in Doomsday to make him see Imperiex and his probe in the form of Bertron.