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Berserker Drones
Universe Stargate Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height Variable
Diet N/A
Sapience Level N/A

Berserker Drones are a race of attack drones from the Stargate Universe, from an unknown galaxy they were created by the Unknown Advanced Aliens to battle another race, once both races had perished the drones went on to do what they were programmed to, seek out and destroy alien technology, it is believed that the Berserker drones have made the Ursini extinct.


The Berserker drones are made of two classes, the drones and the mother ship, the drones are small attack drones and number from 40-50 per mother ship they are launched and attack a single target to provide maximum damage, they have been known to split into attack groups against multiple foes, the mother ships are very large rivalling most ships in size, the mother ship has no weapons of its own but the drones have energy based pulse weapons, the drones are controlled by a link to the mother ship but it has been shown that other races (humans) can tap in and turn drones against there own mothership, they also process faster than light travel.


Very little is known about the drones or there creators.

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