General Information
Homeworld Benzar
Habitat Unknown (atmospheric requirements differ from Humans)
Body Type Humanoid
Height Same as Humans
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Unknown
Lifespan Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Meticulous
Eager to please
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Trek

Benzites are a sapient, spacefaring humanoid species from the planet Benzar. They notably wear a breathing apparatus on their chests, with a tube extending up to emit vapors which they presumably need to inhale.


Benzites are hairless blue-skinned humanoids and easily recognized by their nasal lobes adorned with fish-style barbels. They also have pointed ears. Their hands possess five digits, but differ from those of most humanoids in that the fifth digit is an opposeable thumb much like the first one, making their hands symmetrical.

It has been noted that Benzites who come from the same "geostructure" naturally look similar, and appear to be in fact identical to a non-Benzite observer.

Culture and societyEdit

Benzites as a species are very eager to please and offer assistance, to the point that their behavior can easily be perceived as obnoxious.

Benzite ships protocols, as of 2365, differ from those employed by Starfleet. Specifically: a Benzite crew member who identifies a problem or threat is not expected to report to their commander until being able to come up with a full analysis and solution.


In 2364, a Benzite named Mordock became the first of his species to serve in Starfleet, perhaps suggesting that Benzar had recently joined the Federation at that point.

During the Dominion War, the Benzite home system was at one point invaded by the Dominion forces, but was liberated by the Romulans. Constable Odo wondered about whether the Romulans themselves would keep Benzar as a conquered territory after the war was over, but the answer to that remains unknown.


  • The Benzites featured in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine notably don't seem to utilize breathing apparatus as they did previously on Star Trek: The Next Generation. This has been tentatively explained by Mike Okuda, who suggested that Benzite technology has advanced since their first appearances.
  • In the episode "Apocalypse Rising", mention is made of a species named "Benzenites", which are described with "breathing tubes", suggesting that they might be intended to be the same as the Benzites. However, the Benzenites' breathing tubes are specifically mentioned as being located on their heads (whereas the Benzites' aren't) and one is mentioned to have attended Starfleet Academy with Captain Sisko, which contradicts the canon statement that no Benzite had attended it before 2364.
  • According to the novel Devil in the Sky, Benzite blood is orange in coloration and contains a mixture of mercury and platinum. The novel also specifies that the gas coming out of their breathing apparatus contains chlorine.
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