General Information
Locomotion Hexapedal
Diet Omnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe SPORE Universe
Created by Maxis

The Behlah is a plant-like creature that can be found within the SPORE Universe. It is also a relative to the Gimme.

Appearance Edit

The Behlah is a very strange creature, with details more linking it to plant life than animal life. Its body is held up on three sets of legs, each ending in suction cups. The center of its body is covered in dull green flowers, with leaves running along its neck to absorb sunlight. It possesses a set of arms, and a four, unhinge jawed head that can open almost 180 degrees around, like the petals of an actual flower.

While it can absorb nutrients from the sun, it still is seen hunting for food in ambush attacks.

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