Alien Species
Universe The Maw
Homeworld Unknown
Diet Herbivore
Sapience Level Non-sapient

Official artwork of a Beetull.

Beetulls are large, non-sapient organisms whom bear a striking to beetles of the planet Earth, even down to the folded wings beneath their carapace's elytra, although it is notable that they do not possess mandibles like a typical insect would, and are therefore deemed to be parallel evolution on two separate planets. These wings are generally unfolded to aid their charges by providing greater speed. They are heavily armored and possess enormous size and strength, which causes them to become powerful juggernauts when angered. Their exoskeletal structure focuses its strength into a giant anterior horn, which is capable of cracking apart nearly any obstacle in their path, likely indicating that the molecules that make up the structure are packed close together. All of this makes the task of the Maw consuming it extremely difficult, unless it is knocked out by the Beetull smashing into something it cannot break, for example, thick terrain. Galactic scientists are at a loss to explain how so much power could develop from a purely vegetarian diet.