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Beetle Gem
Beetle Gems
General Information
Homeworld Gem Homeworld (native)
Earth (immigrant)
Habitat Anywhere
Body Type Humanoid
Beetle (corrupted)
Height Very small, can fit into a human's hands
Skin Colors Yellow and green
Locomotion Bipedal
Hexapedal (corrupted)
Diet They do not need to eat but they can if they want to. They seem to be able to ingest just about anything.
Lifespan Immortal, unless the gem is completely shattered.
Sapience Level Sapient (unless corrupted)
Language Translate to any language spoken by man
Behind the Scenes
Universe Steven Universe

"Beetle Gems" are a beetle-like subspecies of Gem.

Appearance Edit

They are very small in stature and have beetle-like motifs in their appearances. Some have yellow skin and pine green hair while others have greenish skin and dark grey hair.

Function Edit

Nothing is known about these Gems' role in Gem society.

Gallery Edit

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